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At NMG Practice Solutions, we take a collaborative approach to what we do, and work in stages to streamline your operations before pushing for growth. That way, you and your team can feel confident and comfortable with your organization and processes. As a dental consultant, we want to make sure you have a firm understanding of where your business stands so it can begin to flourish.

Aztec Family Dental


The practice had reached a plateau of producing, they were seeing more state-funded patients than they wanted and were not utilizing their practice software, Eaglesoft, to its full potential. Their collections were holding at 80% and overall it felt as though they were treading water, not making any progress.

@nmgpracticesolutions This is why we do what we do 🤍. We started working with Aztec family dental care in September of 2022 and YTD they are at 100% collections! A huge shout out to them for being such an amazing client! #dentalbilling #dentalconsulting #dental #dentalinsurance #dentaltiktok #fyp #dentist #officesupport #womenownedbusiness #dmd #dds #rdh #officemanager #agingreport #dentalbillingandcoding #thankyou ♬ original sound - NMG Practice Solutions


First, NMG took a deep dive into their software to identify what changes needed to happen within the software to improve their day-to-day functions. Then, we went to work on the outstanding claims and accounts receivable reports to locate the money lost in the cracks. We pulled reports to identify marketing opportunities so the office could begin to weed out the state-funded patients and focus more on providing the dental care they wanted, which was ultimately in the best interest of their patients.


Aztec Family Dental is now receiving 100% of collections that they have worked hard to produce. Their software is efficient and makes their daily work easier, and they are enjoying a healthy mix of patients while not being limited in the treatments they can offer.

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