Why dental claims are rejected

It is safe to say that working in a dental office takes a lot of effort and attention to run it successfully. Patients have questions, doctors have goals, assistants need extra hands, and the list goes on. One of the most challenging things to deal with is when a patient is upset about finances, specifically when they are told they owe more money than they were originally quoted. Insert.....when a dental claims is rejected...every dental office's nightmare.

This happens for a number of reasons and there are ways to appeal when a claim gets denied. You are probably asking yourself the following questions:

1. How can dental claim be prevented from a denial?

2. How can I avoid a dental claim being rejected?

3. How does a denied dental claim affect my office?

4. Is there a way to make the process of submitting dental claims easier?

There is good news and there are answers to all of these questions! Here at NMG we breakdown the process of how your dental office can prevent unnecessary denials, so your accounts receivables do not get out of hand making your dentists and dental patients happier.

1. Make sure all of the patients dental insurance date is correct, subscriber ID, complete dental insurance address, subscriber's date of birth to name a few.

2. Be sure to complete a verification of benefits, so you know which dental services have limitations, which dental services are not covered, and which ones need additional information.

3. Dental insurance claims that are rejected end up in a pile on a desk that is daunting, overwhelming, and time consuming. Often times you have to call the insurance companies to find out the exact reason claims were denied, other dental explanation of benefits are hard to understand if the patient owes the balance or not. This leads to your dental accounts receivable growing, money not being collected, and angry patients.

4. Here at NMG we have an entire team dedicated to complete dental claims submission for dental offices. If necessary information is missing we will contact you before sending the