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What we can do for you

At NMG Practice Solutions, we take a collaborative approach to what we do, and work in stages to streamline your operations before pushing for growth. That way, you and your team can feel confident and comfortable with your organization and processes, and that you have a firm understanding of where your business stands so it can begin to flourish. Learn about what we can do for you with our dental consulting services.

Bring out the best in your team

Practice consultation


Practice Consulting

With Lana on your side, you'll see an improvement in your office systems that will help increase production and grow your revenue. Whether you're in a niche market, recently purchased an existing business, or are just starting up, we offer a customized approach that is tailored to suit your unique needs.


Practice Coaching

From front desk staff, to hygienists, assistants to dentists, every team member can benefit from some coaching. Whether they’re fresh out of school, or have been practicing for years, learning how to present treatment plans and interact with patients to maximize case acceptance is good for everyone.


Revenue Cycle Management

Let’s face it: getting reimbursed by insurance companies can be a pain. And keeping up with changes from plan to plan can be a challenge, to say the least. We’ll help unify your team on the most effective coding practices, so you can spend less time dealing with insurance, and more time treating patients with the care they need.


Continued Education

Success in the world of dentistry is heavily dependent on keeping up with the latest advancements in techniques, technologies, and best practices. In this ever-evolving field, it can be overwhelming to decide where to focus your growth. We’ll work with you to find the right programs for you and your team, so you can keep your practice at the forefront of modern dental care.


Treatment Plan Presentation training

Increase your case acceptance and get paid more for your work, all while helping more patients get the care they need. Cross-coding dental services as medical services means you can charge your standard fees, but get reimbursed at a higher rate. We'll train your team how to get the most out of your existing software to boost your revenue and enhance your patient base.

Benefits of Dental Consulting

Happier Team

A thriving dental practice starts with a satisfied and motivated team. Dental consulting addresses this by creating an environment where staff feel valued, engaged, and part of a cohesive unit. This leads to improved morale, reduced turnover, and a more positive workplace culture.

Stronger Teamwork

Dental consulting fosters stronger teamwork by identifying and resolving interpersonal issues, improving communication, and aligning everyone with the practice's goals. Effective teamwork enhances the patient experience and streamlines practice operations, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Clear Vision

A clear and well-defined vision is crucial for the long-term success of any dental practice. Consulting helps in articulating this vision, setting achievable goals, and developing strategies to reach them. This clarity guides decision-making and keeps the entire team focused on shared objectives.

Concierge Service

Unlike larger conglomerates, NMG Practice Solutions offers a personalized concierge service. This means they are deeply invested in the success of each client, offering tailored solutions and dedicated support throughout the consulting process. This personalized approach ensures that the unique needs of each practice are met.

Consistent Growth

The ultimate goal of dental consulting is to drive consistent growth. This includes expanding patient base, increasing revenue, enhancing service offerings, and keeping pace with industry trends. Consistent growth ensures the long-term viability and success of the practice.

Our Niches

NMG Practice Solutions has carved out a unique space in the dental consulting arena by focusing on specific niches:

Pediatric Dentists

Specializing in the unique challenges and opportunities of pediatric dentistry, NMG provides customized strategies to enhance patient care and practice management.

General Practices

For general dental practices keen on expanding into areas like Invisalign, cosmetic procedures, or more specialized services, NMG offers the expertise to facilitate this transition smoothly and successfully.

Oral Surgeons

Particularly for practices focusing on full mouth rehabilitation, NMG’s consulting services are designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and maximize profitability in this highly specialized area.

Streamline Your Expenses,
Grow Your Revenue

Revenue cycle management

We will bring everything together to refine your office practices when it comes to planning, billing, and collecting revenue, so you won’t be leaving any money on the table. Streamlining your existing systems is one of the best ways to boost your revenue, and make your day-to-day work easier and more enjoyable.

Insurance processing & insurance payment posting

Our teams are divided amongst pods with dedicated professionals who specialize in your dental software (PMS). Our experts go to bat for your practice to get timely insurance payments, appealing denied insurance claims, and ensuring accurate adjustments are made so your patients ledgers are always correct.

Accounts receivable

Our team will analyze your accounts receivable, collect outstanding payments, and help your team understand the importance of collecting payments on-time.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing NMG Practice Solutions means partnering with a team that is deeply committed to the success of your dental practice. With Lana Rivera at the helm, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the dental industry's nuances and challenges. We offer personalized, concierge-level service, ensuring that every aspect of your practice receives the attention it needs to thrive. Our experience across various dental niches, combined with a track record of fostering happier teams, stronger teamwork, clear vision, and consistent growth, makes us an ideal partner for dental practices looking to elevate their operations to the next level. At NMG, your success is our success, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve and surpass your goals.

Long term goals

Once we’ve gotten your practice back on track, with systems in place and team members thoroughly trained, we’re not done! We’re with you for the long haul, and will help you facilitate your future goals, (and help you decide what those goals are in the first place), so you and your team can thrive for years to come.

We can help your team succeed