Pups of NMG

Dogs make us HAPPY! They aim to please, love unconditionally, and remind us to slow down and enjoy life’s small moments. The loyalty and trust they possess is something NMGP strives to embody in everything they do.

Come Meet The Team Helpers!
Happy Dog Named Bruno

Bruno is a Pit Bull rescue, adopted at 8 months old. Sporting a smooth glossy white coat with distinctive black spots, he is not only incredibly handsome but has an even lovelier personality. Bruno loves road trips and meeting new people. Energetic and playful, his favorite friends are German Shepherds and Bullies.

Happy Dog Named Mila

Mila is a Lady in the body of a Yorkie. Showing off her soft blond locks and teddy bear face, Mila knows her best angle as she poses for the camera. Although not quite sure how to play with other dogs, she knows exactly how to work a room of people. Highly motivated by food, she will charm her way into getting what she wants. A great snuggler, Mila has become an emotional support dog for many.

You’ve met the pups, now meet who they love to play with!