Founder and President of NMG Practice Solutions, Lana Rivera, was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. With 18 years of experience under her belt as a dental field Practice Administrator, Lana’s continued education has earned her countless certificates helping to improve the workforce of dental offices everywhere. Having been mentored by some of the nations top leading dental consultants, Lana created NMG Practice Solutions to change the way dental offices operate by producing a cohesive, streamlined environment that enhances cash flow, employee performance and most importantly, the communication to doctors on where their office stands financially. 

When developing NMG Practice Solutions, Lana’s vision was to create a result driven business that would improve dental practice cash flow, treatment plan acceptance and the overall value of the office. When designing long term tenacious revenue building solutions, the result provides clients with sustainable options that will ultimately increase the worth of the dental practice. Whether you are just starting out or looking into retirement, the goal remains the same: Create customized solutions that will bring your practice success. 

Having first hand experience working in the line up and mentoring employees, Lana has a profound understanding of what it takes to operate a dental practice in a proficient, efficient manner. To consistently create practice growth in production and collections, she must stay abreast of the latest laws and regulations for insurance processing. Regardless of whether you pursue our Silver or Zirconia package, Lana ensures the highest level of satisfaction, choosing team members who are committed to NMG Practice Solutions processes and procedures.

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