Dental Billing Services

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No more tedious work! We handle submitting dental and medical claims for you.

  • NMGP billing experts stay current with coding requirements to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  • Past due claims clean up. Weekly follow up on outstanding claims, appeals and denials, ensuring no lost money.
  • Efficient dental insurance processing utilizing your practice management software.
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NMG billing agents are experts in providing solutions for finding lost money.

  • Monthly patient statement processing.
  • By cross referencing dental and medical claims with their EOB’s we ensure that your patient balances are accurate.
  • Providing clear communication regarding patient balances and the expectation of when they are to be paid.
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Streamline practice efficiency to focus on what is important – your patients!

  • Specializing in dental management and practice growth.
  • Teamwork training to create a cohesive environment and achieve the practice’s true potential.
  • Creating goals that are sustainable and guaranteed to increase patient treatment plan acceptance.
  • Our primary concern is your success. Contact us today!
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The heart of your dental practice is kept in your dental software reporting system.

  • In-depth evaluation that will determine the gaps that are preventing your dental practice from thriving at its fullest financial potential.
  • After the evaluation, we will provide a complete report and action plan based on your dental software findings.
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Dental office embezzlement has become a chronic problem that has engulfed the dental field.

  • Customized audit that targets your dental software and cash deposit records to identify any threat of embezzlement occurrence.
  • Ensuring your dental practice is using the most up to date and accurate CDT coding to protect against insurance fraud.
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Are you a dental specialist who wants to offer medical claims processing for your patients?

  • NMGP billing agents are certified with dental vs medical cross coding.
  • Provides patients with accurate billing and treatment options by optimizing dental and medical insurance benefits for services such as Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics, and TMJ treatment.