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Our dental insurance billing service helps you increase your accounts receivables with efficient dental insurance processing. Submitting dental and medical claims correctly is tedious, takes time, clinical knowledge, checks and balances that the insurance information is accurate, and at times hours of follow up. NMG billing agents are experts at utilizing your practice management software and clearing house to ensure your dental and medical claims are processed efficiently the first time.

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NMG’s billing agents perform monthly patient statement processing. We provide innovative solutions to ensure your patient accounts receivable are processed monthly. By cross referencing dental and medical claims with their explanation of benefits from your contracted insurance companies, we ensure that your patient balances are accurate. We then provide clear communication with the patient regarding their balance due and the expectation of when they are to be paid.

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With a specialty in dental billing services and office consulting, we create goals that are sustainable and guaranteed to increase patient treatment plan acceptance, grow cash flow, and create a cohesive environment for teamwork to achieve the practice’s true potential. At NMG Practice Solutions, our primary concern is your success. Contact us today to talk to a dental insurance consultant!

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The heart of your dental practice is kept in your dental software reporting system. One of our consultants will preform an in-depth evaluation that will determine the gaps that are preventing your dental practice from thriving at its fullest financial potential. After the evaluation, we will provide a complete report and action plan based on your dental software findings.

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Dental office embezzlement has become a chronic problem that has engulfed the dental field. A customized audit that targets your dental software and cash deposit records to identify any threat of embezzlement occurrence. We will also ensure your dental practice is using the most up to date and accurate CDT coding to protect against insurance fraud.

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Are you a dental specialist who wants to offer medical claims processing for your patients? NMG billing agents are certified with dental vs medical cross coding. Leave optimizing your patients dental and medical insurance benefits for Oral Surgery, Orthognathic surgery Periodontics, Endodontics, TMJ treatment, and CT scans to NMG Practice Solutions.

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Do you have dental and medical insurance claims that are 31 days and older past due? Are you having constant insurance claim rejections but cannot fix the root of the problem? This can be detrimental to your office cash flow, putting your practice at a significant risk. NMG billing agents specialize in finding the missing links that often times prevent an insurance company from paying towards your claims, leaving monies uncollected and at risk of losing completely. This report is worked on a weekly basis with follow through on each outstanding dental and medical claim to ensure that your dental office does not have insurance monies owed passed 31 days.

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Are you unsure if your contracted dental insurance adjustments are accurate? Is your dental software reflecting high adjustments but there is no clear answer why? NMG billing agents are experts in providing solutions for finding lost money. Staff could be adjusting off what is billable to a patient or what needs to be appealed with your contracted dental insurance company, but due to a lack of understanding your states insurance laws they could be making incorrect adjustments, which results in your practice losing money. We work diligently to determine if you have lost money, that not only can it be found but more importantly your lost money found will be collected.