Dental consultants who understand your practice.

Our dental consultant services are designed to help your business work harder, faster, and smarter. Our wide range of innovative claims processing and strategic planning solutions, will take the burden of billing off of the front desk and help your team focus more on what really matters: providing patients with the exceptional experience that they deserve.

Our Services

Leaders in Dental Office Consulting

What sets our dental office consulting services apart? Experience, combined with a passion for always doing right by our clients. Our focus is on getting you the best possible outcomes on the claims that you file, with results-driven practices that keep your business moving in the right direction.

Increase patient treatment plan acceptance

We coordinate with insurance companies so that you don’t have to. Our team of pros has all the right tools to increase your acceptance rates and can help reduce your overall number of denials.

Grow your cash flow

Grow your cash flow and you can grow your practice, too. Better billing practices mean more cash on hand, plus less cash lost to errors, underpayments, and denials.

Improve front desk morale

Billing is hard work even when it runs smoothly, and it can take a lot out of your front desk staff. Leave it to us so that they can handle all of the other day-to-day necessities of your practice, including important patient-facing tasks.

Dental Billing and Office Consulting

We’re proud to be your partners in running a financially productive dental practice. Choosing NMG Practice Solutions to consult on and manage your dental insurance claims processing means more time for patients and everything else on your business’s to do list, as well as comprehensive oversight of all claims from initial filing to final payout. Since 2013, we’ve been going above and beyond for our clients in any way that we can, and we’re always striving to excel in our dental practice consulting services. Simplify and streamline your billing process, and take the stress out of managing your cash flow once and for all.

Personalized and Professional Services

Reach your dental practice’s true potential. Unlike other dental consulting companies, we follow up on every single claim to ensure higher acceptance rates and increase your total profit, including outstanding claims and rejections that can put your practice at serious financial risk. That means no more claims falling through the cracks and no more need to worry that you’re missing out on claim opportunities or limiting your cash flow. And because our services are fully customizable to your unique objectives, you can also rest assured that you’re investing in everything your practice needs to excel financially—and nothing that you don’t.